ET Home Cinema

The ultimate home cinema experience

— Web Design & Logo Development

ET Home Cinema are an award winning company specialising in Cinema Room, Smart Home design and installation throughout the UK.

Together with Tom Hirst we designed and developed a new website to give ET Home Cinema a unique look that makes them stand out in their industry and reflects their award winning nature. The design of the site mirrors a cinema experience, using a dark setting, bright colours and closing credit style text to give it a unique feel.


– Web Design
– Logo Design

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As well as a new website, ET Home Cinema also wanted to a new logo to complete the brand makeover. As an established company, it was important to the client that the new logo mark retained it’s identity so that existing and new customers still regonised ET Home Cinema as the trust-worthy and award winning company that they are.

With this in mind I developed their logo mark to give it a much cleaner and modern feel whilst retaining a distinguishable look. This revised mark marries perfectly with the look and feel or their new website and other media.