Hello, I’m Jordan Gilroy — an award-winning freelance designer based in Leeds, UK, specialising in web design and illustration.

I create websites, branding, print and logo design for clients across a diverse set of industries around the world. On large full-service projects I have a network of trusted and skillful developers, photographers and videographers with whom I collaborate with. I'd love to work with you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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"I have worked with Jordan on a number of web projects over the years. He is a fantastic designer and project manager. What's great about Jordan is that he understands both the functional and aesthetic aspects of web design. This means that the work that he produces is of a fantastic standard. Jordan's insights have been a great asset to me in numerous occasions. I hope to work with Jordan for years to come and I would highly recommend him."

Tom Lambert, Product Director at CandidSky

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